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We put up a total package deal with your business. We are aware of the successful transformation of your businesses at the very primary level of ERP setup

Odoo Customization is one of the solicit services by businesses who wish to have their ERP customized versions according to their needs & specializations.

As many of us know Odoo is topnotch, all in one suite for business applications. It is, for this reason, it is an invaluable asset for your business.

Professional Odoo ERP Customization & Odoo ERP Implementation

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We help you turn your Business into big

We have vast ERP Manufacturing experience in Odoo, whether to stock or to make an order, easy work order creation is guaranteed in ODOO.

We use Odoo openERP to support your job costing for micro, small, medium enterprises (MSME).

It is more important to keep an efficient track of payments for your customers and supplier.

Nobody wants to see a big queue in front of POS system due to slow billing.

Odoo ERP Human Resource documentation experience of Transines in the business industry is something to count-on.

Stocking in the right place, right order, right position and proper delivery control is the key success factor of any logistics industry.

You may need to provide the best solution for your customers to book an apt room or customer positioning on the table in your restaurant.

Transines Solutions takes special care in sales and distribution for continuing the financial deal of your business support.

Every student wants to reach on top. Odoo does this all single handed.

Our purchases and inventory management carries out its experience not considering the geography, currency or product.

When a small or medium business is ready for customer relationship management, it can represent a significant growth.

Tally Software

Transines have years of Tally. ERP 9 implementation experience along with Bassam Group. You will feel the vast and rich experience.