Why Businesses Choose Transines As Their Right ERP Implementer?

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Selecting both ERP software and the right ERP Implementer for your company is vital for your Business.

The chances of getting wrong are high as the low successful ERP implementation rates show.

So, It’s crucial you get your judgment correct.

Features to check before going to any ERP implementer:
They should have a powerful track-record

It is mandatory to check on the company you are relying upon has a powerful track-record.

Also, case study the company regarding on their successful ERP implementations.

Do speak to the referrals provided and only proceed if you find it genuine.

This enables you to get fair information regarding your ERP implementer and you could get tips on how to work with them.

Make sure the partner you choose to work with is reliable.

One way to confirm that is by checking on their track record.

They should understand your industry

Make sure that your ERP implementer has a powerful track-record within your industry.

If the ERP implementer you choose is familiar with the requirements you may require, You will benefit in different sections of your Business Processes.

This becomes vital for the companies who undergo ERP implementation as they need numerous changes (Big/ small) to include the new software to their business.

If the new software fits your Business process, It will be less costly and Time-consuming too.

Your ERP implementer should be able to assist you with the perfectly suitable features for your business.

They will provide necessary training to operate the ERP software in the most optimal way.

Your ERP implementer should be able to develop a software which is up-to-date on basic industrial standards.

They should have the necessary resources

Check on your ERP implementer and be sure of their previous experience in dealing with companies of your size & scope.

Also, make sure:

Are they capable of providing the resources to handle the ERP implementation of your size?
Have they done any global ERP implementation projects before?

They should have an exceptional communication

ERP implementation is a complicated process so good communication is just crucial.

The key factors to keep in your mind for a successful ERP implementation are:

  1. Are they located nearby?
  2. Is face-to-face conversation possible in case of any confusion?
  3. Will they respond in a timely manner to your concerns?
  4. Will they provide you with precise solutions that meet your demands?

They should have a good relationship with the ERP developers

If your ERP implementer is not an ERP software developer themselves, It is mandatory to have a good relationship with them.

The ERP implementer is basically a go-between you and the software company.

If there exists an issue or any necessary changes are to be made to your software, a good communication must exist between you.

Checking whether the company has earned any awards may help.

It will signify the successful track record and close collaboration between developers & ERP implementer.

They should use a quick methodology for software development

At the time of an ERP implementation sprouting of new ideas and changing according to it is a frequent scenario.

ERP implementer should be able to modify the software implementation process according to the response to these new demands and be flexible.

You should understand your requirements

Make sure you completely understand your requirements.

If you exactly know what you want, It’s easy to get your work done by the person of your choice.

These are some questions that you should keep in your mind:

What techno-functional needs are you trying to accomplish with the ERP implementation?

What machines, software, and other systems are you currently using that will either

need to be integrated into the new ERP


be replaced by the ERP?
What should the UX (user experience) interface look like to fit your company culture?

As previously said:

The answers to these questions are vital for you.

So, you can communicate it to the ERP implementer you have found to fulfil your requirements.

Get an answer which actually fits into you,

Contact Transines named as Bassam Infotech in India has successfully implemented ERP solutions for companies across many industries. We are OpenERP Odoo certified silver partner who will completely guarantee your ERP implementation a success.

If you’re looking for an Implementation partner for ERP or for other Business Technologies, Feel Free to Contact Us.

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